Warren Roberts
I stopped by this location because I was craving ice-cream that day. I am a huge ice cream lover. I came from the citadel outlets from some shopping. I am pleased with the service and the portions were very good. I sat in the high chairs enjoying my waffle caramel ice-cream. It was creamy and it all melted in my mouth yummy.
Raquel Avelino
Girls that work here are very pleasant and help you with a good attitude...the PATRON ice cream a must try
Amanda H.
First time trying this place, and loved it! They offer soo many different ice creams & drinks. My sister and I got lime and mango nieve de agua with tajin (she added chamoy), and my brother got hot Cheetos and nacho cheese. We asked for the cheese in a cup, since we would be taking it to go, and the assistant happily said yes. It was delicious, and I can't wait to go again! Next time I hope to dry their horchata, it looks soo good!! If you're ever in the area, this place is a must. Especially on a hot sunny day!!
Chemo Lozano
The best ice cream shop and the prices are cheap highly recommend
Adriana Astorga
Hello guess who this is gigi Haha Love this place great service and really polite, :) Thank you <3 100%the best ,:)
Xiomara Vasquez
Omg it was my first time here didnt even know about i found out bout this place..well after having brunch my husband was like we should go have some ice cream..n we were like where so based on the location we were at i google for ice cream places n la michoacac pop up SO o decided to look at the pictures n reviews..n it was great as far as the few pics i got in love with them....but wait once we got there iwas like wooowww just the place has such a good the painting on the walls but when we got to the counters i was shock ..i wanted all..could decide what to took me a wgile but i end up getting the piña colada i think n the coconut one..hmmm they were delicious plus some almond top..made it perfect..for sure am looking forward till next week...cuz definitely we going back.
Natalie Lorice Villegas
amazing and the staff is always nice Homemade ice cream